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Amazon Fresh to bring high-tech shopping to West Boca

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A new Amazon Fresh location set to open

West Boca will soon be home to the first Amazon Fresh grocery store in Florida.

Amazon Fresh looks like any other grocery store, but its differences become clear as soon as a shopper picks up a cart.

The shopper logs into the Amazon app on a phone, which connects to the cart and automatically registers every item as it is taken off the shelf and put into the cart. The cart displays a running total so the customer can track spending, just like the virtual cart used for online buyers.

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistants are placed throughout the store to help shoppers find products. These Amazon Fresh Alexas know what aisle everything is on and can answer a multitude of buyer questions.

Amazon Fresh aims for efficiency and the elimination of human errors through such uses of technology.

Another example is the Dash Lane, which functions like a self-service express lane. Instead of checking out by unloading and scanning each item, a customer walks through the lane, and the Amazon app automatically processes checkout.

Alexa provides any needed guidance at checkout.

Amazon Fresh will be located at Uptown Boca with such luxurious additions as restaurants and a movie theater.


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