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'All About Bats' at Okeeheelee

Bats hanging out. [Rene Riegal]

Okeeheelee Nature Center is hosting “All About Bats” on Oct. 14. Participants will join experts from the Florida Bat Conservancy to learn about preserving the bat population and they are bringing rehabilitated Florida bats.

What: All About Bats

When: Oct. 14 at 2:30 p.m.

Where: Okeeheelee Nature Center at Okeeheelee Park

Address: 7715 Forest Hill Blvd., west of West Palm Beach

Who: Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department

Bats are excellent at protecting crops from bugs and pollinating plants across the United States. Most bats are nocturnal and use echolocation. Bats are also the only mammals that can fly.

Located in the north end of Okeeheelee Park, Okeeheelee Nature Center features 2.5 miles of winding trails through 90 acres of flatwoods and wetlands, in addition to hands-on exhibits, animal encounters and a gift shop. The trails offer a deer overlook, marsh-viewing blinds, a butterfly garden and bird feeders.

Okeeheelee Nature Center’s exhibits focus on three Palm Beach County ecosystems: freshwater, coastal and upland pine flatwoods.

Okeeheelee Park offers winding trails, ponds and a dog park. Nonmotorized boats are welcome. Paddlers have access to some of the more remote areas. The park also has a BMX track and areas for horse riding. Bicycles and boats can be rented.


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