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National nonprofit aids Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance

The mangroves in the Jupiter Narrows have deteriorated significantly the past three decades. Photo on the left from 1977 and photo on the right from 2022. [Photos by the Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance]

The new Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance rallied by the waterfront behind La Mar Condominiums this month to announce the endorsement of Ocean Conservancy, the nation’s oldest marine nonprofit organization, for the effort to safeguard the mangrove islands and surrounding seagrass habitats in Jupiter Narrows.

“This partnership with Ocean Conservancy signified a united effort to address the environmental threats and ensure a sustainable future for our community,” said Sue Panella, one of the members who founded the Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance in January. “My grandmother was the first resident to purchase a condo here at La Mar. I have watched the decline of these precious mangrove islands firsthand for almost 50 years.” 

The mangroves are vital for fish, birds, manatees and other wildlife but have deteriorated significantly the past three decades. These Jupiter Narrows habitats are crucial for marine biodiversity, protect the shoreline, and purify the water by removing pollutants and absorbing excess nutrients. Mangroves also can store up to 10 times as much carbon as forests.

“The accelerating degradation of mangrove islands and seagrasses in the Jupiter Narrows underscores the urgent need for collaborative action to protect these critical habitats,” said John Paul Brooker, the Florida director of conservation for Ocean Conservancy. “Ocean Conservancy is proud to join forces with the Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance to take the crucial steps needed towards safeguarding the biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by mangroves.” 

Collaborative efforts involving diverse stakeholders aim to restore and preserve mangrove islands and seagrasses, ensuring the long-term resilience of the Jupiter Narrows ecosystem.

The Jupiter Narrows Conservation Alliance was formed as a nonprofit corporation and is pending federal 501(c)(3) tax status. For more information, email


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