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Wellington-based charity sponsors therapy ponies

Tomorrow's Rainbow's Abby Mosher and The Human-Animal Alliance's Jackie Ducci with ponies Rocky and River at Tomorrow's Rainbow's ranch in Coconut Creek, FL [Photo by The Humane-Animal Alliance]

Wellington-based charity The Human-Animal Alliance is sponsoring two mini rescue ponies, Rocky and River, at Tomorrow’s Rainbow, which provides a healing space for children, teens and families coping with the death of a loved one.

The sponsorship initiative at Tomorrow’s Rainbow involves the upkeep of therapy horses, grief support groups, equine-based psychotherapy and mobile programs to help cope with grief, loss and adversity.

Rocky and River form a bonded pair rescued specifically to join the mobile programs Grief on the Go and Tomorrow’s Rainbow Coping Academy. Every member of the equine herd at Tomorrow’s Rainbow, regardless of size, has been rescued.

“Sponsorship such as this is vital for the care of our horses,” said Abby Mosher, the founder and executive director of Tomorrow’s Rainbow. “These ponies were recently rescued and are now taking part in therapeutic activities for children both on and off site. We are grateful to The Human-Animal Alliance, whose core mission aligns with ours in realizing the value of equine therapy in helping people to heal from grief and trauma.”

At Tomorrow’s Rainbow’s miniature ranch, experts certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association offer equine-assisted psychotherapy for such mental health issues as trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

“Equine-assisted therapy is recognized globally for its profound impact on physical, emotional and psychological well-being,” said Jackie Ducci, The Human-Animal Alliance’s founder. “Horses are deeply intuitive and have a remarkable ability to help humans heal. Organizations like Tomorrow’s Rainbow epitomize the power of human-animal connection in the services they provide, and we are honored to support their program.”

The Human-Animal Alliance offers grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on fostering and enriching the bond between humans and animals. These programs are selected through a comprehensive sourcing and screening procedure nationwide. The alliance also backs pertinent legislation and educates the public.


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