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Aging baby boomers bring changes to living styles

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Photos by Inspired Living.

Every generation faces its own set of challenges, and shifts in the demographics of the country can have a profound impact on the way people live and where they live. As the baby boomers came of age and looked for a place to live, tract homes sprang up seemingly overnight. The modern development was born, and with it an entirely new way of developing real estate.

The coming changes are likely to be even more profound, not only for home buyers, but also for the real estate industry as a whole. An enormous demographic shift is happening.

The number of older adults in the United States is rapidly expanding, along with the need for appropriate housing. With people living longer and enjoying healthier and richer lives, that appropriate housing does not necessarily mean nursing homes.

Many older men and women want to live on their own, even if that means living in homes that have been adapted to the realities of senior living.

Master bedroom of three bedroom model at Inspired Living at Royal Palm Beach.

Assisted living and mixed-use senior communities seem especially well suited to meet these new realities. The existence of a proven senior living model is a step in the right direction, one that can easily be adapted to fit the needs of an older population that is not quite ready to stop working and settle down.

Outdoor activity area at Inspired Living at Royal Palm Beach.

Assisted living communities are well suited to provide just the right amount of help. In a mixed-use senior living community, some residents live entirely on their own, secure in the knowledge that help is available if and when they need it. If further assistance is required, residents have access to all the tools they need to live longer, happier and healthier lives, and they are surrounded by others who can share in the triumphs and challenges of getting older and living longer.

Two residence have a drink and visit with others at Inspired Living at Royal Palm Beach.

These kinds of communities have perks that are not confined to the maintenance-free lifestyle and the freedom from shoveling snow and mowing grass. The best assisted living communities understand that seniors are looking for more than physical help as they age. They know that catering to their emotional and mental well-being is just as important and just as critical to the health of their residents and their bottom lines.

The aging of the population has gone on for quite some time. Like every demographic shift before it, the new realities of the aging population are playing out in real time, presenting great opportunities for all involved.

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If you are living these new realities, you might already know that assisted living communities and mixed-use housing developments are the future, but that does not make the choice any easier. Finding a senior-friendly housing community for yourself or someone you care about can feel like a daunting task, but knowing that good options are available when you are ready can make the process a lot easier.


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