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Chillout Music Festival returns to West Palm Beach June 18

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Photo by Josh Sorenson

The Chillout Music Festival is set to return to West Palm Beach for the second year in a row Saturday, June 18, at the Northwood Art and Music Warehouse.

Chillout is a diverse music experience featuring local musicians of various genres, an artisan marketplace, and food and drink vendors.

“This music festival’s mission is to connect local musicians, artists and brands with the consumer public,” said Steve Conklin, the event organizer for the Chillout Music Fest. “Get ready for laid-back acoustic performances and unique pairings with freely mixed genres and musical styles to create an intentionally diverse music experience throughout the day. You can see all of your favorites and discover new ones.” Genres include rock, reggae, pop, country, hip-hop, R&B, blues and bluegrass. The Chillout Music Fest is free and open to the community.

To elevate your festival experience, a VIP pass is $50. It provides access to the VIP Village, which features shaded areas, a private bar, stage-front viewing, a specialty food and drink menu, and wine and beer tastings. The pass also includes a meal from Italian vendor Abruzzo’s, two drinks and a dessert from one of the festival’s vendors.

Conklin said the Chillout Music Fest is the perfect reason for the community to come together and enjoy the talented musicians, artists and vendors of West Palm Beach. “We truly want to bring out the great community of passionate music lovers.”

Last year the festival hosted 30 bands. “American Idol” contestant Allegra Miles took the stage with Matt Brown to cover Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a performance that thrilled the crowd and Conklin.

This year at least 13 artists are set to take the stage, alongside surprise guests. The lineup includes Joey Calderaio, Destiny Lopez, Sko Gudino, Brett Statska and John Leonard. The festival will open at 5 p.m., with the last performer taking the stage around 11 p.m.


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