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How pressure washing your house can save money and maintain property value

Article sponsored by J&B Pressure Cleaning & Painting

Just because your home isn’t new doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be spotless. With a bit of help from a reliable pressure-washing service, any grime, substance or eyesore can be cleaned away.

If you’re worried that your house has lost its luster, check out some of the ways house-washing can restore your property value and save you money in the future.

Make Your Home Look New Again

Nothing will do the job better than a thorough house-washing when it comes to getting your curb appeal back to where it belongs. Modern pressure-washing companies use advanced cleaning solutions and gentle, soft-washing techniques that allow them to safely break apart any contaminants on your siding and rinse them away. If you’re tired of seeing dust, mildew, dirt, mold or even moss making a mess of your once beautiful home, leave them to the house-washing experts, and your siding not only will look new again, but also will stay that way for an extended period.

Protect Your Siding From Avoidable Damage

House siding is durable but requires maintenance. Most types of siding are equipped to deal with whatever weather throws their way because they’re covered with protective sealants. These sealants help repel water, block ultraviolet light, and inhibit the growth of organic substances such as mildew and algae. Depending on the type of house siding you have, this sealant will need to be reapplied every two to eight years, depending on how often you wash your home.

House-washing removes grime and other gunk that can build up on the siding and eventually penetrate the protective sealant. When your sealant is kept clean, your siding stays protected, which spares you the headache of dealing with expensive repairs or even replacement.

Keep Your Home a Healthy Place to Live

There’s almost no limit to the types of substances and contaminants that can cling to your house, and most of the time it takes only a breeze for more to latch on and join the party. Besides the obvious culprits such as dust and dirt, smog, allergens and germs are also uninvited guests. These intruders don’t just blight the appearance of your otherwise lovely home; they can cause health issues to you, your family and even your pets.

House-washing uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that have been proved to eliminate bacteria and other germs and to prevent them from spreading. Think of pressure-washing as an excellent way of beautifying your home as well as disinfecting its exterior.

Save Time

The exterior shell of your home takes up a lot of square footage, and trying to wash this entire surface area by traditional means is a considerable expenditure of time, not to mention hard work. Can you imagine trying to clean the siding with a bucket of soapy water, a rag and a garden hose?

Pressure-washing makes the chore of house-washing light work. What once would’ve taken days, pressure-washing can finish in hours. If you need your house cleaned, pressure-washing can save you time and backache.

Prime Your Home for New Paint

A new coat of paint can make your home seem like a different house, and when you’re ready to start fresh, house-washing is the only way to get your home prepared perfectly. House-washing not only removes any prominent eyesores on your siding, but also cleans away all those tiny substances that aren’t visible.


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