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Mounts honors ‘Year of the Orchid’ at plant sale

Shopper at a previous Mounts plant sale.

Photo by Mounts Botanical Garden.

Mounts Botanical Garden is hosting its annual Spring Plant Festival and Sale on April 29 and 30. It’s one of four major sales Mounts puts on each year.

“This fun-in-the-sun plant sale will present dozens of high-quality vendors in select garden areas throughout our 20-acre tropical paradise, offering a great selection of plants, shrubs, trees and garden accessories,” Mounts Curator-Director Rochelle Wolberg says.

The theme of the sale is “The Year of the Orchid,” and to celebrate Mounts is featuring a special presentation by Miami-based nursery R.F. Orchids on Saturday, April 29.

Orchids are a large and diverse family of flowering plants known for often showy and colorful blooms. They are widely cultivated as ornamental plants and are popular in the horticultural trade. Orchids can be found in habitats around the world, from tropical rain forests to Arctic tundra.

Orchids’ flowers typically have three petals and three sepals. The center petal, known as the lip or labellum, is often highly modified and may be used to attract pollinators. Orchids have a specialized reproductive structure known as a column, which is in the center of the flower and contains both male and female reproductive organs.

Mounts Botanical Garden includes 25 garden areas, each featuring a different theme and showcasing a variety of plants, including tropical and subtropical plants, exotic trees, palms, and cycads. It also has a butterfly garden, a vegetable garden, a rose garden and several water features. Visitors can take guided tours, attend educational workshops and seminars, or simply stroll through the gardens and enjoy the natural beauty.

Mounts Botanical Garden is open year-round at 531 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach. Admission is free for members, $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and students, and $7 for kids.


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