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Stormhouse Brewing: ‘The most inviting South Florida-focused brewery’

Photos by Stormhouse Brewing
Group of friends celebrating with a toast at Stormhouse Brewing.

A North Palm Beach brewpub that began as a family dinner think-tank pitch is about to celebrate its first anniversary.

Josh Brinzo, one of the managing partners for Stormhouse Brewing, had the idea of launching a brewery with a rotating food menu, the perfect place to go when you’re looking to try something new.

“I pitched the idea to launch a distillery with food at a Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone thought I was kind of crazy that I wanted to do that,” said Brinzo. “Next thing you know, my brother Chris got into brewing, and it turned out he was really good at it.”

After Chris discovered his newfound gift of brewing, he decided to go to Germany and train to become a master brewer. After his training was complete, the pair relocated to South Florida in 2018 to continue the process. The pursuit of the perfect property ended with the discovery of a space next to the water in North Palm Beach, and Stormhouse Brewing opened May 21, 2021.

“The whole concept of Stormhouse Brewing is to be a place for the community to have something to do in terms of events, in terms of dining, music, just something to bring everyone, of all ages, together,” Brinzo said.

You can find everything from charcuterie boards to lobster mac and cheese, wings, burgers and tacos. There is something for everyone, from the timeless cravings to dishes for the adventurous foodie.

The first beer, Billie Rose Blonde, is a smash hit. The beer is named after Brinzo’s first daughter. Stormhouse has brewed five batches of the beer since the launch, and each brew brought the goal to make it better.

Stormhouse is known for delivering perfectly crafted beers with a twist. “We try to have fun and be creative with our beers,” said Brinzo. “We took our traditional German hefeweizen and added a fresh strawberry puree to half of the batch. It’s called Strawberry Sunrise, and it’s really, really good.”

Stormhouse’s grand opening took place in the middle of the pandemic, and the brewpub has made community and employee safety a priority. Anyone not feeling well stays home until testing negative for COVID-19.

Brinzo also strives to create a welcoming environment for his employees, sitting with them after closing to see whether they have suggestions for improving operations.

“I want every employee we have to feel like they’re part of a family. They should feel like they’re valued and that their opinions matter because they do. They’re playing a huge role in our success too,” said Brinzo.

Stormhouse Brewing holds events to bring the community together, including happy hour daily, Tuesday bingo night, Wednesday trivia night and live music weekends.

“Stormhouse is about creating the most inviting South Florida-focused brewery,” Brinzo said. “We strive to fit into the community as a place that people can come and enjoy, whether you’re by yourself, in a large group or holding an event. Every day we try to create the best customer service, the best food and the best beer. I want you to come back and be able to experience something new the next time.”


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